UAE Flag Meaning

The flag of the UAE has a deep meaning that signifies a lot of things the United Arab Emirates stands for. The importance of this to the state is seen on the UAE Flag day and how it has joined together 7 Emirates is remarkable. They have a strong bond that has prevailed since 1971 when the state was incepted and has been one strong fist under this flag.

UAE Flag Meaning

The colors in the UAE Flag

The UAE flag consists of 4 colors. Red is 25% of the flag, green, white, and black which all are 25% of the flag. There is a special flag for the president of UAE that has an eagle emblem and only he is allowed to raise it.

flag red area


It represents the Hashemites Caliphate.

The color red signifies unity. It is vertical while all other colors are horizontal. In the Arab culture, this color shows how steadfast someone is, it also gives the reflection of courage and strength while having a lion heart is signified by it but being vertical means that it is a representation of togetherness or unity between all the seven emirates. 

flag green area


It represents the Fatmid Caliphate.

The color green represents hope and optimism in the country. Green is often seen as a color that is related to fertility. Over here the fertility of love and optimism is signified by this horizontal color in the flag. In Islam this color is associated with paradise and the Fatimids used this color in the 12th century. One can see UAE as a paradise on earth for what they have achieved after their historical coalition in 1971.

flag white area


It represents the Ummayad Caliphate.

The color white is the representation of peace and honesty. Islam has made honesty and peace one of its foremost teachings. The color white has historically been used by many Arab states in their flags and the designer of the flag of UAE, Abdullah Mohammed Al Maainah also said that he included it because of this. 

flag black area


It represents the Abbasid Caliphate.

The popular belief is that it represents the oil revolution and this popular belief is wrongly disputed by people. The designer of the flag Abdullah Mohammed Al Maainah has himself stated that the black color represents the oil revolution that was about to take place when he first came up with the flag in 1971. The ones who dispute this goes back in history where the black color was a sign of the strength of mind and the defeat of the enemies.