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Electric Scooters in Dubai: Benefits, Cost, Safety, and More 2023

electric scooters in Dubai

Electric scooters have gained a lot of popularity since 2020 when they were initially launched. In Dubai, a trial phase was conducted of the scooter electric in which there was an 82% satisfaction rate recorded. People are not only buying these scooters but they are also using the ones that are provided for rent by different companies such as Uber and Careem. People love to get these as they are not only affordable but also the passengers can easily reach their destinations in just a few minutes. 

As the electric scooter is increasing at a rapid rate, there are new rules and policies that are only for the people who operate these scooters and the rules they need to follow. If you are planning on getting this scooter electric, then here is a short guide for you:

Benefits of the electric scooter in Dubai

Who doesn’t like to feel the experience of riding a scooter on smooth roads instead of waiting for public transport? No one loves traveling in the buses and metro, where you have to stand for hours and where you have to keep running from one location to another just to ensure that you don’t miss your bus. The electric scooter in Dubai provides a lot of benefits to make people’s daily commute far easier and more comfortable. 

No cost for fuel

In Dubai, the cost of fuel is rising at a very rapid rate. In just a few months, the cost has increased a lot, and it is very likely that the cost will increase further in the upcoming months. With these e-scooters, you do not have to worry about fuel consumption, and the hike in the prices will never be your concern. Just charge up your scooter, and then you are free to ride it towards any destination. 

Environmentally friendly

Earth is facing rapid climate change as the countries are getting hotter with the passing years. Nowadays, people are trying to shift towards all those products and services that are environmentally friendly. As the electric scooter in UAE do not run on fuel, for this reason they do not produce any carbon particles. Without carbon emission, there is no harm to the atmosphere. 

These electric scooter Dubai do not harm the environment in any way. Also, the Dubai government is working on convincing the residents to shift towards electric vehicles to reach their Dubai Green Mobility Initiative

Maintenance of scooter electric

Every car or vehicle you own requires maintenance and care. The maintenance of cars is expensive as compared to these scooters. The reason is that the electric scooter price in UAE is far lower as compared to that of cars. Thus, the maintenance cost is also low. You will not be spending any amount on the changing of filters, oil changes or fuel. All you need to take care of is the charging of this scooter. 


All electric cars are light in weight and can be easily folded so that the owner can easily carry them in their hands. It is just like a bag that you carry with you and whenever there is a need, you just use it to make your commute easier. You will always find lifts in every building and metro station through which you can easily carry the scooter. In metro stations, you are not allowed to ride a bike, but there are escalators and lifts everywhere. In the metro buses, there is also a specific section where you can place your scooter. 

Cost of scooter electric

There are different price ranges for buying and renting the e-scooter. If you want to buy any of them, then the cost ranges from 1,300 AED to 2,900. There are different models and functions that vary from one model to another. 

A lot of people prefer to rent them as it is affordable and convenient for them. These scooters are often found near metro stations and also near bus stops. There are bike and scooter stands present at these locations from where you can easily rent the bike through the application downloaded from the play store or iOS system. When you are done with the service, then the payment can be made through debit or credit card. 

How to rent electric scooter UAE

Renting an electric car is very easy in UAE. A lot of companies have worked on this initiative, and now renting them has turned out to be far more convenient with a variety of options. To rent a scooter electric, you need to have a smartphone with a proper internet connection. The following are the four main companies and applications that provide the scooter services, which must be downloaded from the Play Store or iOS system. 

  • Lime 
  • Rabbit 
  • Secret 
  • Terre 

electric scooters

All these applications work the same. Once the application is downloaded, open it, and the very first page that you will see is the one with the option of “available scooter locations in your area.” 

If you are unable to find any scooter on the map, then zoom out a little to see the nearest location. Just walk to that location and take the bike by using the application.  In case the battery runs out during the trip, then just park the scooter at any designated location and call customer service whenever you can. Following are the charges that need to be paid when you rent an e-scooter n Dubai. 

Rent starts from 3 AED
Per minute 50 fils
Per month 200 AED

Safety of electric scooter UAE

There are three things that ought to be checked before you buy a scooter or before you take it for rent. The first thing is to see if the hand brake is working properly or not. The second thing that you need to check is if the tires are working properly and if there is no damage on the tires. Further, inspect the scooter from the outside to see if there are any cracks or damages and if everything is working perfectly. 

All the owners of the electric scooter Dubai have to follow the rule that is to wear a helmet the entire time while riding the scooter. They have to wear it especially when they are using the scooter on the main roads. 

Technical requirements of scooter electric

In case you are concerned about all the technical requirements to understand how the scooter works. You will find a back and front lamp in all of these scooters. The steering wheel is mounted with the alert device; once the app is used to select the scooter, the steering wheel will start working on its own. The brakes are present on the front as well as on the rear wheels. 

In Dubai, you will find that the temperature gets very hot during the day. All the stands are present without a proper shelter, which means that these scooters are present directly in the sunlight. The manufacturers have understood the situation, and they have made the functions of e-scooter that bear all these climatic conditions. The speed of these scooters is set to around 20 km/hr. At this time, it is quite handy for all people to use these for their daily commute. 

Rules for the rider of e-scooters

When these e-scooters first came in, there were not many rules or policies. As the usage of these scooters increases, RTA provides policies for the riders to refrain the people from accidents. Look at the following rules that have to be followed otherwise; there is a penalty:

  • The individual should be above the age of 16
  • A protective helmet should be worn while riding regardless of the location and the distance covered
  • Try to park these scooters at designated locations and parking spaces
  • None of these scooters should be parked in a place where it restricts the movement of the pedestrians or other vehicles
  • While riding, there should be a distance maintained between the scooter, and pedestrians
  • It is preferred not to carry any heavy or big item that can cause imbalance
  • One scooter is only for one person; try to avoid using it with two or more passengers at the same time
  • There are some instructions on the signboards for the scooters that all the riders have to follow 
  • Never drive outside the lane of a scooter or in any shared lanes
  • Wear appropriate shoes that are comfortable and help you maintain the balance
  • You have to get off the scooter while crossing the pedestrian crossing

E-scooters are turning into a necessity

A lot of people are now focused on shifting towards scooters as they are not only affordable but also help in reducing the long walks in the heat. For some people, the distance from their home to the metro station and vice versa is quite long. These people find it very useful to travel through an e-scooter and avoid getting dehydrated by the scorching heat of the sun. The electric scooter price in UAE are also low, and people can easily buy them to bring ease to their daily commute.