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Dubai Metro Map 2023 – Complete Guide

Dubai metro

Dubai started the metro in 2009 in the month of September. Among all the Gulf Arab states, it was the first to start its metro network. Dubai launched redline in 2009 and then launched Green line in 2011. Metro has turned out to be very cost-friendly for all people. Tourists always look out for the Dubai metro map to manage their entire plans for the day. There are around 5 million people who use Dubai metro red line map every month. 

All of your queries will be answered with this short guide that includes all the information related to the Dubai metro station map.

Dubai Metro Map

The overall planning and the route of the Dubai metro station map are perfectly organized. Tourists or people who have just traveled for work often find it very difficult to understand the routes of the Dubai metro map, the cost that it will take, and the stops from where you can take or get off the metro. In Dubai metro map 2022, you will find two lines, including a red line and a green line. You will find all the famous places and the major attractions between these metro stations so that you do not have to travel long. 

Here are the further descriptions you need to know about the metro greenline and metro red line map. 

Red Line

Red line has 29 total stations, and it covers over 52.1 kilometers. The red line and the green line have different routes. Redline has two stops that connect with the green line so that passengers do not have to travel a long distance to change their line. The two stations where the Dubai metro map connects with greenline are Union Metro station and Bur Juman metro station. 

As the route of the redline is quite long, so among 29 stations, six stations are underground. The other stations are elevated. 

To provide convenience to the people, all the stations have car parks. In this case, many people drive to the nearest location, leave their car in the parking lot and then travel to any location that is present on the Dubai metro map. This saves fuel costs and gives them a fast traffic-free ride. In the Centrepoint metro station, there are 2,700 slots for parking, and in Jabal Ali metro station, which is close to Dubai Marina, there is space to hold 3,000 vehicles. 

Red line starts from the Al Rashidiya station and ends at the UAE exchange station. Here is a list of all the stations in a sequence that you can find in the red line:

  • Rashidya (Centrepoint station)
  • Emirates 
  • Airport Terminal 3
  • Airport Terminal 1
  • GGICO 
  • Deira City Centre
  • Al Rigga 
  • Union 
  • BurJuman
  • ADCB
  • Max
  • World Trade Centre
  • Emirates Tower
  • Financial Center
  • Burj Khalifa/ Dubai Mall 
  • Business Bay 
  • Al Safa 
  • Equiti
  • Mall of Emirates 
  • Mashreq
  • Dubai Internet City 
  • Al Khail 
  • Sobha Realty 
  • DMCC
  • Jabal Ali 
  • Ibn Battuta 
  • Energy 
  • Danube 
  • UAE Exchange 
  • The Gardens 
  • Discovery Gardens 
  • Al Furjan 
  • Jumeirah Gold Estates 
  • Dubai Investment Park 
  • Expo 2020

All the stations present on the Metro red line map are operational. As for Expo 2020, this station was made solely for the purpose of giving the people a clear way to attend the event. The station was made in 2021. Till now, the Expo station has been operational even after the event has ended. 

Green Line

The route of the green line is parallel to Dubai metro red line map. It has around 20 stations and covers a distance of 22.5 kilometers that starts from the Etisalat station to the Dubai Creek station. In 2011, the green line was launched, but a lot of stations were not functional. In 2014, all the stations were fully operational.

The above picture shows the different routes that the green line has in comparison to the red line. Here is a list of all the Metro green line stations that are presented here in a sequence

  • Etisalat 
  • Al Qusais 
  • Dubai Airport Free Zone
  • Al Nahda
  • Stadium 
  • Al Qiyadah 
  • Abu Hail 
  • Abu Baker Al Siddique 
  • Salah Al Din 
  • Union 
  • Baniyas Square 
  • Gold Square 
  • Gold Souq
  • Al Ras
  • Al Gubaiba 
  • Sharaf DG
  • Burjaman 
  • Oud Metha 
  • Dubai Healthcare City 
  • Al Jadaf 
  • Creek 

The green line also has a lot of passengers daily because of the route that it has. As per the Dubai metro map, greenline connects the metro station of Etisalat in Al Qusais with the Creek Metro Station. The areas of Deira and Bur Dubai are considered to be highly populated, and the green line covers both of these areas. This line also has 8 underground stations. 

Metro station timings

Red Line Green Line Branch Line
Monday 22:47  To Centrepoint
22:48 To Expo 2020
To Etisalat – 23:25
To Creek – 23:23
To Jabal Ali – 23:50
To UAE Exchange – 23:50
Tuesday 22:47  To Centrepoint
22:48 To Expo 2020
To Etisalat – 23:25
To Creek – 23:23
To Jabal Ali – 23:50
To UAE Exchange – 23:50
Wednesday 22:47  To Centrepoint
22:48 To Expo 2020
To Etisalat – 23:25
To Creek – 23:23
To Jabal Ali – 23:50
To UAE Exchange – 23:50
Thursday 22:47  To Centrepoint
22:48 To Expo 2020
To Etisalat – 23:25
To Creek – 23:23
To Jabal Ali – 23:50
To UAE Exchange – 23:50
Friday   23:48 To Centrepoint
23:48 To Expo 2020
To Etisalat – 00:25
To Creek – 00:23
To Jabal Ali – 00:51
To UAE Exchange – 00:51
Saturday 22:48 To Centrepoint
22:48 To Expo 2020
To Etisalat – 23:23
To Creek – 23:21
To Jabal Ali – 23:54
To UAE Exchange – 23:54
Sunday 22:48 To Centrepoint
22:49 To Expo 2020
To Etisalat – 23:23
To Creek – 23:22
To Jabal Ali – 23:50
To UAE Exchange – 23:50

Why do the names of Metro stations keep changing?

Ever since the Dubai metro map launched in 2009, they have had the feature to name the station as per the location or on the sponsor’s name who wants to sponsor on that location. Till now, the names of a lot of stations have been changed. Here is a list of changes so that you do not get confused with the old name of the station:

Dubai Metro station

  • Khalid Bin Al Waleed station was renamed Bur Juman in 2012
  • Al Karama station was renamed ADCB (Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank) in 2014
  • Jebel Ali station was renamed as UAE exchange in 2015
  • Jumeirah Lakes Towers was renamed DMCC (Dubai multi commodities center) in 2018
  • Palm Deira station was renamed Gold Souq in 2020
  • Noor Bank station was renamed Al Safa in 2020 
  • Nakheel Harbour and Tower was renamed Jabal Ali in 2020
  • Nakheel station was renamed Al Khail in 2020
  • First, Abu Dhabi Bank was renamed Umm Al Sheif in 2020 
  • Al Fahidi was renamed Sharaf DG in 2020
  • DAMAC property was first renamed Dubai Marina in 2020 and then renamed SOBHA Realty in 2021. 
  • Al Jafiliya was renamed Max in 2021

All the names of the stations can be changed anytime by the RTA as they focus more on getting the sponsors to name the station with the brand name. 

What are Nol Cards and Types of Nol Cards?

Nol cards are smart cards that people use to use different services provided by RTA. This Nol card can be used to travel on any Dubai Metro station map, Dubai Tram, buses, and marine transport such as water buses. This Nol card can also be used for paid parking provided by RTA. 

There are four types of Nol Cards that can be bought and used by the people:

Nol Silver Card

This is highly recommended for all people as it is the standard card for all kinds of travelers. 

Cost: AED 25 (which includes AED 19 that can be used for credit trips)

Validity: 5 years 

Rechargeable: Yes

Documents needed to buy: none 

Nol Gold Card

This card is recommended for gold class travelers only 

Cost: AED 25 (which includes AED 19 that can be used for credit trips)

Validity: 5 years

Rechargeable: yes

Documents needed to buy this card: none 

Nol Blue Card

This card is recommended for the regular customers of metro 

Cost: AED 70 (which includes AED 20 credit trips)

Validity: 5 years

Rechargeable: yes

Documents needed to buy this card: Student ID, Emirates ID.

If resident: EmiratesID, photo and POD card

If tourists: Official POD document 

Nol Red ticket

Nol Red ticket is suitable for occasional tourists and travelers. 

Cost: AED 2

Validity: 90 days or 10 trips 

Rechargeable: up to 10 more trips

Dubai Metro map fares

The charges vary depending on two conditions. The first thing is that it differs on the basis of the Nol card that a person has. The cost further varies depending on the zones that a person traveled in. When it comes to zones, there are three kinds of charges, present as follows: 

Within 1 zone

When someone travels within one zone only then, the cost is very low

Silver card: 3 AED

Gold card: 6 AED

Personal card: 3 AED

Red card: 4 AED

2 adjacent zones

The cost of traveling in two zones is higher as compared to traveling within one zone

Silver card: 5 AED

Gold card: 10 AED

Personal card: 5 AED

Red card: 6 AED

More than 2 zones

The cost of traveling is the same in more than 2 zones. If a person travels in 3 zones or in all the zones, the cost will remain the same. 

Silver card: 7.5 AED

Gold card: 15 AED

Personal Card: 7.5 AED

Red card: 8.5 AED

How to recharge Nol Card:

There is a limit on the unknown Nol card, which is 1,000. You cannot recharge more than 1,000 on your card. There are two ways to recharge the card:

Recharge metro station

In every Dubai metro station map location, there are nol card ticket vending machines. For the recharge, there are machines present in every station. In case someone needs to buy the weekly or monthly pass or any ticket, then they can buy from the stations too. The process of charging the Nol card is very easy; just follow the following steps:

  • On the machine, you will find a place where you need to place your Nol card 
  • You will see the current balance on the screen and the type of card that you have
  • Select the option of card top up
  • You can make the payment through your credit card or by cash
  • In case you have cash, then make sure that you have the exact change as the machine does not give the change back
  • After the payment, you can print the receipt if you want
  • Do not remove your card unless you see the option of print screen 

Recharge through S’hail application

The process to recharge through S’hail app is very easy and convenient. It also saves the time that you often waste while being in line at metro vending machines. Just follow the simple steps to top up your card online:

  • Download the application of S’hail 
  • Select the option of “top up Nol card” 
  • Add the number that is present on the backside of your card
  • Select the amount and then add in your card details 

Ticket and day pass offers in the Dubai Metro map

You can also get the Nol passess that offer unlimited travel in the specific time period found in the Dubai metro map, Dubai tram, and buses. These passes are to travel to any location that you can find in the Dubai Metro station map. 

Here are the prices of the Nol pass, its time limit and the charges of these cards:

  • Red tickets: this is the standard pass that is only for one day with limited trips. It costs 20 AED only 
  • Gold tickets: it is a standard pass that is also for one day with unlimited trips, which costs AED 40.
  • Silver tickets: this is a weekly pass that costs 110 AED
  • Red tickets: This is a monthly pass that costs 350 AED
  • Quarterly pass: this pass is for 90 days and costs 830 AED
  • Yearly pass: This ticket lasts for an entire year and costs around 2670 AED

Rules and Violations

People often get the penalty inside metro for not following the rules. The very common one is when people do not wear a mask. The government only allowed that there is no need to wear mask on the outdoor but in any in door location it is still mandatory. Just make sure that you follow all the rules so that you do not get any penalty. Following are the violations that you need to avoid. 

  • Using Nol card of other person 
  • Destroying or harming the seats, services and facilities of Metro 
  • Smoking in the metro station or inside the bus
  • Carrying any alcoholic drinks 
  • Causing any discomfort to the other passengers
  • Spitting or littering inside the bus 
  • Resting the feet on the seat 
  • Trying to open the doors when the train is in motion
  • Advertising or selling any kind of service or any products to passengers
  • Operating any safety or security facility without any reason 
  • There is restriction on animals except guide dogs

Timings of all the trains

Dubai metro station map shows that all the green and red line routes become operational at the same timings in the morning and they end at the same time at night. 

  • From Monday to Thursday the buses start from 5:00 AM and are functional till 12:00 AM (midnight). 
  • Friday: from 5:00 AM till 01:00 AM (next day)
  • Saturday: from 5:00 AM till 12:00 (midnight)
  • Sunday: the trains start from 08:00 AM till 12:00 AM (midnight)

Services of Dubai metro station map

Dubai metro map shows that the service is not only affordable but also offers other services to all the people who travel by it. All the senior citizens and the students can get Blue Nol card which will give them 50% of the discount. As for disabled people, they can travel through the metro without any fare. There is free of charge WiFi for all the passengers. 

There are also different sections in each metro;  one section is only for the gold card users, which is present on one corner of the metro. On the other corner of the metro, there is one section that is only for women and children. The middle section of the train is for all the other people. 

Is sleeping allowed in Metro?

Among all the multiple violations and the policies of traveling in the metro. A lot of people have the query if sleeping is allowed in the metro or not? As per the policies provided by RTA, anyone who wants to sleep in the metro can sleep while traveling. People cannot sleep in the metro station. There is a penalty of AED 300 for the people who sleep inside the metro. 

Can people eat in the metro?

As per the Dubai metro map, the metro travels a long way from one corner of the city to another. People often think about carrying and taking the food in the metro. You can only carry the drinks and food in the metro but you cannot eat while traveling.

Dubai Metro map – a short glimpse

Dubai metro station map fulfills the need of over 5 million people that travel every month. It is the best opportunity, especially for the people who need to travel for work and they do not have a car. The service of the Dubai metro map is so magnificent that the people who have cars also prefer to travel through the metro to avoid traffic.