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Dubai Zip Code & Postal Code 2023

Dubai Zip & Postal Code

Do you also want to know your postal code in Dubai? Here’s a detailed guide on finding a Dubai Zip code.

Dubai Zip Code & Postal Code Dubai

A large number of English-speaking countries use postal codes for the purpose of sorting mail. While this is an important thing to remember, some people often struggle to find out their ZIP codes. This is why we are here to provide you with a detailed guide that explains what postal code is, how you find the Dubai postal code and some other relevant guidelines. There are also some facts about the postal code of Dubai that you may be unaware of. So, let us explore the complete guide and find out the numbers or symbols UAE residents use as postal or ZIP code Dubai.

What is a Postal Code?

Before we jump to finding the UAE Zip code, let us first discuss what this code actually is. Understanding the basics will always be helpful to you. So, a postal code is basically a series of digits or letters, or both mixed with punctuation or spaces. A postal code has a general use in sorting mail. As per the latest survey, Universal Postal Union has 117 members out of 190 countries with a postal code system.

Different geographical areas can have different postal codes. Even though they were used to facilitate the delivery of mail, there are also many other uses of postal codes. Let us take a quick look at how a postal code can be helpful to you before we move to the Dubai postal code.

Dubai postal code

Uses of ZIP Code

Here are some common uses of ZIP codes:

  • To find the nearest branch of a particular organization to a given address. A computer program can use ZIP codes of a particular address to list the closest branches according to the distance. Many companies and organizations use this to inform visitors where to go. Several job centers also use postal codes to find suitable jobs for jobseekers.
  • Postal code can also be used to alert people of town planning applications in their area.
  • There are certain postal codes that can be used with satellite navigation systems. They do it to navigate to an address with the help of street numbers and postcodes.
  • In the pharmaceutical industry, representatives may get allocated geographical sales territories depending on a workload index that depends on postcode.
  • Postal codes can also be helpful in isolating, grouping, and organizing population data for statistical analysis.
  • The postal code may also have some economic advantages.

About Dubai Zip Code

ZIP codes are something specific to the United States of America. On the other hand, other English-speaking countries use a postal code system which can be postcodes or PINs. If we talk about Dubai, then it has a different system. The United Arab Emirates does not use any postal code system. Now, you may wonder how they sort mail. Instead of using postal codes, residents in Dubai can use a post office box number. Further, as Dubai is a part of the UAE, it also follows the same rule. Dubai does not have any equivalent ZIP or postal code.

Dubai Zip Code

The post office box number that is used in Emirates does not correspond to any geographic locations. Instead, these are numbered mailboxes that residents can use to collect their mail. In Dubai, the mail is delivered to these numbered mailboxes, and an individual or company can then collect their mail by using that post box. So, if you are searching for digits or symbols as Dubai postal code, then you must remember that the ‘code postal Dubai’ system does not work in the United Arab Emirates. However, you can always use a post office box number instead.

Dubai Postal Code Details

So, basically, Dubai has a unique way to deliver your mail. All you have to do is get your personal post office box, and you will be able to send or receive items. Now even though there is no ‘code postal Dubai,’ there can be certain cases when people require a set of digits or symbols as a code. We are talking about the situation when you are filling out a form, or a payment gateway demands you to enter a Dubai ZIP code.

Such situations can really be frustrating when you know that Dubai does not have any postal codes. However, there is, in fact, nothing to worry about. So, whenever such a situation happens, you can use any number. Usually, many people use their post office numbers. Now, you may be wondering how a person’s courier gets delivered to Dubai. So, courier companies in the United Arab Emirates depend on the mobile number of a person to deliver goods to them.

While using your UAE credit card to buy something online, you may require entering the UAE ZIP code. So, you can just type 00000 for the Dubai postal code, and you should be fine. Let us tell you that street addresses are not used in the Emirates. The simple address of an individual showing ZIP code Dubai can be like:

David Cooper

P.O.Box 12345

City, UAE

Dubai drone picture

How to Find Dubai Postal Code?

Dubai residents looking for a Dubai postal code for different purposes can just type “00000” whenever required. You may have struggled to find the postal code of Dubai, but the story here is completely different. There is no need to surf the internet and waste time when you can just type a few zeroes as the Dubai ZIP code. Well, if you want a legit code, then you can apply for a post office box in Dubai and get a box number that you can use instead of ZIP code Dubai.

The process of applying for a PO Box is quite easy and simple, which we are going to mention in the guide. The cost to get a PO Box may range from AED 300 to AED 1000, depending on the type of postal service you want. There are different types of post office box rental packages available on the official website of Emirates Post that you can explore. Further, in the United Arab Emirates, as per the postal system, every building may have its own “Makani number.”

This number can also be used instead of a city or state ZIP code Dubai. Many people use Makani numbers for postal delivery and various other purposes. When you write a Makani number on a package, it will get delivered to that particular building and address. Moreover, Dubai Central Post Office also recommends that residents can use Dubai ZIP Code “00000” if required. Here are some examples of Dubai postal code:

Locations Zip code
Bur Dubai ZIP Code 00000
Deira Dubai ZIP Code 00000
Abu Hail Zip Code 00000
Al Nahda Zip Code 00000
Business Bay 00000
Internet City 00000
Karama 00000

post office box

What is a Post Office Box in Dubai: ZIP Code Dubai

After knowing about ZIP code Dubai, let us see what alternative option is available for sorting mail. The United Arab Emirates does not have any postal code system or postal codes for geographical areas. Residents of Dubai can receive mail from abroad by providing a Post Office Box number that is given by Emirates Post. Both individuals and businesses can get this post office box in the Emirates. By just applying through Emirates Post, you can get a personal or company post box.

If you are really required to use a Dubai ZIP code, then you can use “00000”, according to the Dubai central post office. However, the PO box number has its own importance. Further, no homes, offices, or apartments in Dubai come with a post office box number assigned to them. So, if anyone wants to receive mail in a post office box, then they are required to rent one from the Emirates Post. Let us now learn how you can get a post office box in Dubai as well as in other Emirates.

Requirements to Get a Post Office Box in Dubai

While applying for a post office box in Dubai, there are certain things you must consider. Here we are listing some requirements that one must arrange before applying for a PO Box in Dubai

  • Keep a copy of your UAE ID and passport that you may have to attach with your application.
  • While applying, you may be asked to submit two passport-size photographs.
  • Carefully fill out the application form at the Dubai Central Post Office.
  • Applicants can visit the official website of Emirates Post and request or renew a post office box.

Steps to Apply for a Post Office Box in Dubai

As we have mentioned earlier, there is no postal code in Dubai, and you can use a post office box number instead. Now, if you are wondering how, you can get a post office box, then here we are to assist. Here we are providing you with relevant information on how you can open a PO box in Dubai and what costs and other things you can expect. It has been more than a century now since post offices were introduced in the Emirates. Currently, all the postal and courier services in Dubai are managed by the Emirates Post. Check below the complete process to rent a PO Box in Dubai.

Go to Emirates Post Website

The first step to applying for a post office box involves visiting the official website of the Emirates post. Once you are on the website, you can find and click on the option of ‘Rent a P.O Box.’ A new page will open where you have to choose between a personal or corporate P.O Box.

Emirates Post Website

Select a P.O Box

You can select the type of post office box based on your preference. If you want to rent a personal PO box, then you can choose between MyBox and MyHome. The charge for MyBox service may start from around AED 300 per year. The authority will then provide a post box at one of the Post locations of your choice.

Then, you will have to personally visit the Emirates postal office to collect your mail. This service is provided 24/7 throughout the week. The other service is MyHome which may start from around AED 995 per year. With this service, your mail will be delivered to your address once a week.

Create Your Emirates Post Account

The next step involves creating your own Emirates post account. In order to do this, you can click on the ‘Apply’ button available on the screen. After that, you can create your Emirates Post account. All you have to do is carefully enter the asked details in the form. Then you can set a password to complete creating an Emirates post account. Once you have successfully created the post account, you will receive a virtual Post Office Box ID. This ID will work as a username for your post account.

Complete the Verification Process

You will then be required to complete the verification process. In the process, you will also be asked to pick the Emirate where you currently live. You can also choose the closest Emirates Post branch near you. Then, you will have to select one number from the available list of post office box numbers on the screen. You can also set up your post office box expiry date. The rental fee for the PO Box may vary depending on how long you are planning to rent your post office box.

Review All the Details

After completing the process, you can review all the Emirates Post and Post Office Box details. Make sure you carefully check the name of the owner, preferred post office branch, and the post box number.

Pay the Rental Fees

Pay the rental fee for the post office box. Once you have paid the fee, you may receive a confirmation email of your payment. You can also get your box key delivered to your home by paying a delivery fee of AED 30. You can also visit your Emirates Post branch and get your post office box key. If you have applied for a corporate post office, then you may have to pay a different fee.

Post Office Box Number of Various UAE States

Check here the post office box numbers of some states in the United Arab Emirates:

Locations Post office box numbers
Dubai 333388
Fujairah 888888
Sharjah 555588
Al Ain 222288
Deira 444488
Ajman 666688
Umm Al Quwain 777788
Abu Dhabi 111188
Ras Al Khaimah 999988

About Dubai Central Post Office: Postal Code Dubai

Dubai Central Post Office is responsible for handling a postal system that requires the use of post office box numbers in both business addresses and post office boxes. Dubai Central Post Office is located at Zaabeel St, Al Karama, Bur Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Both companies and individuals can apply for a PO Box and enjoy secure mail delivery. There can be registration and an annual fee for getting a post office box. You can read the process again to apply for a post office box and use the PO Box number instead of a ZIP code Dubai.

Top Sites Providing Postal Code of Dubai

Understanding the ways to find postal codes can be helpful to you, no matter in which country you are in. Here we are providing a list of a few reliable websites where you can check the Dubai ZIP code as well as postal codes of other countries. Check below the names of these sites.

Dubai postal code

  • Wikipedia: The easiest way to find the postal code of any country is by searching on Wikipedia. You can just type the country name and check the ZIP code Dubai for its different geographical locations. If there’s a country like UAE that does not have any postal code, you can even find helpful information on that.
  • Geo Post Codes: This website has a database of ZIP codes from around 127 countries. All you have to do is just select the country, region, and city to check the postcodes.
  • GeoNames: Here, you can find the postal code of regions by just selecting the country, city, and coordinates.

Frequently Asked Questions About Postal Code In Dubai

Here we are answering some frequently asked questions related to postal codes in Dubai:

How many digits should be in the postcode of Dubai? 

Even though there is no postcode for Dubai, you can use a five-digit code when necessary.

Can we leave the Zipcode field blank while buying things online? 

Yes. You can leave the Zipcode field blank or just write ‘NA’ in the box.

What documents are needed to rent a post office box in Dubai? 

In order to rent a post office box in Dubai, an applicant is required to present documents like UAE ID, passport, and passport-size photographs.

What is the Postal code of Abu Dhabi? 

The postal code of Abu Dhabi is 0000.