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Discounts on Traffic Fines – Ajman, RAK, Fujairah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain

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When it comes to traffic control, rules in UAE are very strict. The UAE Police department puts fines on persons that violate rules regarding traffic. Even cameras are installed to make sure that drivers strictly follow the rules. There are more than 250 traffic fines that you can receive just by driving carelessly on the roads of the country. Though, there are some ways through which you can get massive Sharjah traffic fines discount 2022. These discounts are different in Ajman, RAK, Fujairah, Sharjah, and Umm Al Quwain.

About UAE traffic fines discount 2022

Usually, Police departments provide discounts that are given to drivers on traffic fines. These discounts vary according to different cities of the UAE. Even the Government of UAE offers a number of discounts on fines to citizens at big events so that drivers can get out of big troubles. People usually try to stay away from these fines as most of the drivers in the UAE are from different countries, and fines for them also bring negative or black points for their visa status. Though, with these discounts, they can even be less worried about paying a lot of dirhams.

Following are UAE traffic fines discount 2021 in different cities of the country, which will also be available this year.

Sharjah traffic fines discount 2021

List of traffic fines in UAE

Some of the most common violations made by drivers in the UAE are mentioned in the below table. You can also see how much fine you will get for making those violations from the table.

Description Fine Amount
Damaging public and private facilities 2000 AED
Heavy vehicles with loads that can be dangerous for others 2000 AED
Driving without the number plate 3000 AED
Falling objects from a heavy vehicle on the road during driving 3000 AED
Driving a vehicle that causes noise pollution 2000 AED
Driving in prohibited places 1000 AED
Reverse direction driving 600 AED
Using an unlicensed vehicle 500 AED
Turning the vehicle back hazardously 500 AED
Crossing the redlight in cars 1000 AED
Crossing the redlight using bikes 1000 AED

Sharjah traffic fines discount 2021

The ongoing Sharjah traffic fines discount 2021 is 50%. It is applied to RTA traffic violations. According to the last month’s update, this discount was supposed to end on July 31. 2022. But drivers were getting it even after the deadline. Recently, Sharjah Police have given an official announcement in giving an extension in the discount till October 4, 2022.

According to authorities, this Sharjah traffic fines discount 2021 is applied to fines that were imposed after January 1, 2015. There are different modes through which you can pay up these fines while having a 50% discount. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • There is an application called RTA Sharjah is available on cellphones. You can use it on both Android and iOS devices to pay your fines with discounts.
  • In Khor Fakkan & Kalba, branches of Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority are available. You can go there, get your Sharjah traffic fines discount 2021, and pay your fines at the same time.
  • Sharjah Roads & Transport Authority is situated in Al Azra. Visit this office to get details about your fines and discounts that you can get on them. You can also pay your fines at this branch.
  • To pay your fines and earn exciting discounts on them, you can also visit the official web application of the Sharjah Roads & Transport Authority.

Sharjah authorities basically give this 50% discount on fines due to the UAE Golden Jubilee Celebrations. Before this concession, the Sharjah traffic fines discount 2021 was also 50% till November 2021, which has come this far. Now the Sharjah traffic fine discount last date is October 4, 2022.

Traffic Fines Discounts in Fujairah

A 50% discount was announced on driving violation fines on 2nd December 2020 in Fujairah. The Police of Fujairah gave this to the residents of the city. The reason behind the implementation of this discount was the 49th National Day Celebrations. The deadline of this discount was 15th December 2020. Not just this, the department also offered to cancel all the black points that drivers had on specific violations. Vehicle impoundment penalties were also lifted as a part of this concession.

The main credit goes to the Crown Prince of Fujairah, Sheikh Muhammad Bin Hamad Bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, for this huge discount. According to him, it is the best opportunity for traffic violators to improve themselves while reducing their piled-up fines and negative remarks.

Traffic Fines Discounts in Ras Al Khaimah

In RAK, the discount that was provided on driving violation fines was 50% back in 2021. This UAE traffic fines discount 2021 was announced by the Ras Al Khaimah Police General Command. It was supposed to end in January 2021, but due to the Silver Jubilee Celebrations, the RAK authorities have extended it to January 17, 2022. Serious violations are not part of this discount that contain Covid-19 measure violations, drink and drive, and causing death due to careless driving.

The decision to extend fine discounts is to make sure that owners of vehicles pay their fines as soon as possible. Even the Police department of RAK motivates drivers to take advantage of this discount and get rid of the fines. However, the sole reason for the discount is still trying to avoid traffic violations. Chances are there that this year in 2022, drivers can also obtain this discount in a couple of months.

The best thing about RAL traffic fines is that you can clear them in installments without paying any interest. To avail of this offer, get a prepaid card from your bank and apply for a 0% interest installment plan. You can even go for this plan even after getting the 50% discount. This plan is available in the Commercial Bank of Dubai, AK Bank, and Emirates Islamic Bank.

vehicles on highway

Traffic Fines Discount in Ajman

The Ajman traffic fines discount 2020, which is 50%, was supposed to end on November 21, 2021. Due to the UAE Golden Jubilee Celebration, the last date of the fine was moved to 14 January 2022. There are chances that this year, drivers can obtain this discount again as well. Though, gaining Ajman traffic fines discount is easy to get.

You can pay the fines in Ajman through the following options. They are also the sources where you can apply to get discounts.

  • You can visit Ajman Police Service Centers and talk to representatives about the pay up of the fine and getting discounts.
  • Sahl electronic devices are implemented in different shopping centers and public places. Use them to pay your driving fines and get Sharjah traffic fine discount as well.
  • You can pay your driving violation fines at the Ministry of Interior website or at the official site of Ajman Police.

Traffic Fines Discount in Umm Al Quwain

The traffic fines discount in Umm Al Quwain was 50% last year. It was implemented on specific traffic violations that were made before November 1, 2021. The deadline for this discount was between 1st December 2021 to 6 December 2021. This discount was part of the UAE Silver Jubilee Celebration. Now this year, there are also chances that this year it will still be available, just like the Sharjah traffic fines discount 2021. It is just a matter of time before drivers will receive the notification from Umm Al Quwain traffic authorities.

There are some traffic violations on which this discount was not available last year. Those conditions are in the following points.

  • This discount is not valid for careless driving that can cause danger to the lives of people.
  • On the violation of Covid-19 safety measures, this 50% discount on fines is not available.
  • Divers that do not have valid driving licenses in the UAE will not be allowed to get the discount in any case.


Providing discounts on traffic violations by authorities of cities in the UAE is actually a fine and constructive initiative for drivers all across the country. In this way, drivers can decrease the amount of money that they have to pay for the mistakes that they have made. However, these discounts are available on specific violations. So make sure to check all the terms and conditions of these concessions before applying for them.

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