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Muslim Prayers: Prayer Time in Ajman Today

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Ajman prayer time today on 3 February is at 4:40 AM for Fajr, 12:20 PM for Dhuhr, 3:48 PM for Asr, 6:40 PM for Maghrib, and 7:56 PM for Isha. Today, the sunrise is at 5:58 AM. Take a look at the chart below to see Ajman prayer time every day.

September Day Fajr Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha
1 Thursday 4:40 AM 12:20 PM 3:48 PM 6:40 PM 7:56 PM
2 Friday 4:40 AM 12:20 PM 3:47 PM 6:39 PM 7:54 PM
3 Saturday 4:41 AM 12:20 PM 3:47 PM 6:38 PM 7:53 PM
4 Sunday 4:41 AM 12:19 PM 3:47 PM 6:37 PM 7:52 PM
5 Monday 4:42 AM 12:19 PM 3:46 PM 6:36 PM 7:51 PM
6 Tuesday 4:42 AM 12:19 PM 3:46 PM 6:35 PM 7:50 PM
7 Wednesday 4:43 AM 12:18 PM 3:45 PM 6:33 PM 7:49 PM
8 Thursday 4:43 AM 12:18 PM 3:45 PM 6:32 PM 7:47 PM
9 Friday 4:44 AM 12:18 PM 3:44 PM 6:31 PM 7:46 PM
10 Saturday 4:44 AM 12:17 PM 3:44 PM 6:30 PM 7:45 PM
11 Sunday 4:45 AM 12:17 PM 3:43 PM 6:29 PM 7:44 PM
12 Monday 4:45 AM 12:17 PM 3:43 PM 6:28 PM 7:43 PM
13 Tuesday 4:46 AM 12:16 PM 3:42 PM 6:27 PM 7:41 PM
14 Wednesday 4:46 AM 12:16 PM 3:42 PM 6:26 PM 7:40 PM
15 Thursday 4:47 AM 12:15 PM 3:41 PM 6:25 PM 7:39 PM
16 Friday 4:47 AM 12:15 PM 3:41 PM 6:24 PM 7:38 PM
17 Saturday 4:47 AM 12:15 PM 3:40 PM 6:23 PM 7:37 PM
18 Sunday 4:48 AM 12:14 PM 3:40 PM 6:21 PM 7:36 PM
19 Monday 4:48 AM 12:14 PM 3:39 PM 6:20 PM 7:34 PM
20 Tuesday 4:49 AM 12:14 PM 3:39 PM 6:19 PM 7:33 PM
21 Wednesday 4:49 AM 12:13 PM 3:38 PM 6:18 PM 7:32 PM
22 Thursday 4:50 AM 12:13 PM 3:37 PM 6:17 PM 7:31 PM
23 Friday 4:50 AM 12:13 PM 3:37 PM 6:16 PM 7:30 PM
24 Saturday 4:51  AM 12:12 PM 3:36 PM 6:15 PM 7:29 PM
25 Sunday 4:51 AM 12:12 PM 3:36 PM 6:14 PM 7:28 PM
26 Monday 4:51 AM 12:12 PM 3:35 PM 6:13 PM 7:27 PM
27 Tuesday 4:52 AM 12:11 PM 3:34 PM 6:12 PM 7:25 PM
28 Wednesday 4:52 AM 12:11 PM 3:34 PM 6:11 PM 7:24 PM
29 Thursday 4:53 AM 12:11 PM 3:33 PM 6:10 PM 7:23 PM
30 Friday 4:53 AM 12:10 PM 3:33 PM 6:09 PM 7:22 PM

Pray time in Ajman today

Fajr prayer time in Ajman 

Fajr prayer time today in Ajman is 4:30 AM. The time of Fajr starts at the time of true dawn, which is called subh sadiq. This is the first prayer of the day. It starts at true dawn and ends at sunrise. The time for prayer only lasts for an hour or half as after that, the sun starts rising. Ajman azan time for Fajr at this time is 4:28. The believers offer two rakats in Fajr that are obligatory. 

Dhuhr prayer time in Ajman 

Dhuhr prayer time in Ajman today is 12:26 PM. Prayer time in Ajman starts 20 minutes after the Sun has passed the zenith. This is the second prayer of the day. For Zuhr, there is a long time for the believers to pray, but the best time is to pray within the two hours of azaan. For the people who work in offices from 9 to 5, a lunch break is a perfect time for them to pray. Muslims offer four rakats in Dhuhar that are obligatory. 

Asr prayer time in Ajman 

Asr time in Ajman is at 3:53 PM. This is the third prayer of the day. The initial time for Asr in Ajman is before the sun starts to turn orange. There are four obligatory rakats in Asr. 

Maghrib prayer time in Ajman 

Maghrib prayer time in Ajman today is at 6:57 PM. This is the fourth prayer of the day, which has 3 obligatory rakats. The prayer time starts during the sunset, and the people can pray till the last red light leaves the sky. 

Isha prayer time in Ajman 

Isha prayer time today in Ajman is at 8:16 PM. This is the last prayer of the day. Isha time starts when the red line is completely gone. Isha has the longest prayer time, which lasts till the white light starts emerging from the East. There are four obligatory prayers in Isha. 

Tahajjud Prayer 

Tahajjuds are the special nighttime prayers. They can be prayed anytime between Isha and Fajr. Most desirable time for it is after midnight. 

Qibla direction in Ajman 

To find out the Qibla direction during namaz time in Ajman, it is always best to download the application. There are a lot of apps that give the most accurate directions. In case you are unable to do that, then the perfect location from Ajman is at 257.77° clockwise from the North. If you use any compass, then it is always recommended to first calibrate your compass and then find the perfect direction. 

Benefits of positions during prayer 

During prayer, the believer goes through different positions. During the salah, the important positions include Qiyam, Ruku, Sajdah, and Tashshhud. Take a look at the following details to understand the positions and the benefits that it has for individuals. 


Qiyam is the position in which the individual stands straight. This increases proper blood flow that goes perfectly to the lower side of the body. Qiyam position helps in strengthening the body and the leg muscles. 


During prayer time, the believer bows after Qiyam. The position is very beneficial for the lower vertebral column. This position is very effective in helping people avoid back pain. As the position involves stretching the knees, ankles, elbows, and wrists, the follower gets to experience the stretching of the overall body. The body gets more flexible after this position. 


Sajdah is prostration where the individual performs a low bow in Qiblah’s direction. The position of Sajdah helps in getting proper blood flow to the brain. The position helps in getting the flow of blood directly into the pineal and pituitary glands. 


This is a simple sitting position that is very similar to yoga. Through this position, the person who prays gets to strengthen their calf and thigh muscles. Tashahhud position helps a lot in improving the process of digestion and in keeping the posture of the person straight. 

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