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Best Places to Visit in Dubai For Tourism – 2023

places to visit in Dubai

Dubai has turned from a desert into the most visited tourist destination for people across the world. The best thing about Dubai is that it offers the most affordable as well as the most luxurious experience to tourists. If you are planning to choose UAE and Dubai for your next visit, then take a look at all the attractions where you can enjoy. Also, learn about the available activities in those locations before you make your holiday itinerary.

List of top tourist places in Dubai

Here you can find the perfect destinations in Dubai. Learn about the location of these places, the activities present, along with the prices of the tickets. The chart will summarize all the places to visit in Dubai, along with the ticket price.

Location Price
Burj Khalifa 60 AED – 159 AED
Dubai Aquarium 200 AED
Desert Safari 35 AED – 150 AED
Aquaventure Waterpark 199 AED – 229 AED
Dubai Miracle Garden 55 AED
Mohammed Bin Rashid Library Free
Al Fahidi Free
Dubai Future Museum 145 AED
Kite Beach Free
Jumeirah Mosque 35 AED

This article will help you in planning your entire tour and enjoy everything worth seeing in Dubai. As you already know the names of the places, take a look at the details of these places below.

1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building, with 163 floors. There is a 360-degree observation deck on the 124th floor that gives a perfect view of the entire Dubai. The view is breathtaking whether you go in the morning or at night.

Night time gives the view of the starry sky and city light panoramas that will keep you staring for a long time. Daylight will give you more of an experience of nature. You will find the clouds so close to you. Enjoy the perfect view of the sky and sea, merging into a perfect shade of blue.

Ticket Price

At the Top (Level 125 + 124) – 159 AED

At the Top (Level 148 + 125 + 124) –  389 AED

Top level (For UAE Residents) (Level 125 + 124) – 60 AED

Burj Khalifa Dubai

2. Dubai Aquarium

The Dubai Aquarium has over 140 marine species present in a huge underwater tank. The best thing is that there is an underwater tunnel that gives a 270-degree view that goes from one side to the other side of the aquarium.

Tourists who need far closer access to these species can enjoy other activities too. There is an option available that includes hand feeding the fishes, diving into the water, and experiencing a unique kind of snorkeling.

Ticket Price

Aquarium Tunnel – 200 AED

For children above the age of 2

Dubai Aquarium

3. Desert Safari

Desert Safari is very popular, especially for people who have an interest in enjoying something adventurous in nature’s wildness. The whole experience is for the daylight with the high sand dunes, sand stretches, and camels surrounding you. All you need is a 4×4 vehicle of your own or a guide who plans everything for you.

The overall experience lasts for about 20-30 minutes. Take the camel rides, and feel the traditional Arabian falconry displays. You can also camp overnight right under the stars. With multiple restaurants, you can enjoy some amazing traditional as well as popular international dishes.

Ticket Price

Desert Safari + 4×4 car with driver – 150 AED

Desert Safari + own car self-drive – 35 AED

Desert Safari

4. Aquaventure Waterpark, Atlantis

Aquaventure waterpark is entirely a man-made island that includes massive swimming pools. The rides in these waterparks are enough to give you a lifetime experience. There is the world’s largest tube waterslide, Aquaconda. It is 9.2 meters wide and 25 meters tall. People go at a speed of 35 kilometers per hour.

There are thrilling watersports, a massive aquarium, and an unforgettable experience with dolphins. Also, explore the underwater sea TREK and a separate area for children to have the best time of their lives.

Ticket Price

Aquaventure Day Pass – 199 AED

Aquaventure Super Pass (contains free access to The Lost Chambers Aquarium) – 229 AED
Aquaventure Waterpark

5. Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden opens for a few months only every year. In 2022, it will open in the month of October. If you are planning to visit Dubai by the end of the year, it is a must place to visit. Among all the places to visit in Dubai, this will give you the most peaceful experience.

Following are the attractions to see at Dubai Miracle Garden

  • Emirates A380 – It is a popular airbus with the largest floral installation. It is made with the exact life-size of the actual airbus.
  • Smurfs Village – The entire section shows the world of smurfs with all the fresh flowers and greenery.
  • Floral Clock – This is a 15-meter floral clock made with the red plants
  • Umbrella Tunnel – The entire tunnel is made up of umbrellas that are a perfect sight to see and enjoy the shade of the sun.
  • Lake Park – Lake Park consists of floral villas as well as 3D models of amazing things with flamingos roaming around the area.
  • Floating Lady – This is the latest thing present at Dubai Miracle Garden. The body is in the air with hair and dress dangling which is made up of fresh flowers.
  • Hill Top – A man-made hill that is entirely covered with vibrant flowers.
  • Sunflower Field – The sunflower field is a wide field consisting of bright sunflowers only. The view is quite heavenly.

Miracle Garden Ticket Price

Above the age of 12 – AED 55

Age from 3 to 12 – AED 40

Children below the age of 3 – Free

Dubai Miracle Garden

6. Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

People who have an interest in books, literature, and languages can make a visit to this library. There are more than 1.1 million digital as well as printed books. There are nine different sections in the library, each having the books of its category. Following are these mentioned categories.

  • Young Adults Library
  • General Library
  • Children’s Library
  • Private Collections Library
  • Media and Arts Library
  • Periodical Library
  • Business Library
  • Maps and Atlases Library
  • Emirates Library

Ticket Price

There is no ticket price. Visitors only have to make a prior booking.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

7. Al Fahidi

Al Fahidi is the most aesthetic and instagrammable destination among all the Dubai tourist places. This is a complete 31,000 sqm site that includes all the venues, galleries, gift shops, and everything. The area and buildings were made in the 19th century, especially for the rich Persian merchants. These were the people who used to deal with the pearls and luxury in Dubai and had tax-free trading.

All the towers are wind towers that have an amazing flow of natural air. The air is first to get trapped in the towers, and from there, it is funneled down directly inside the houses. This is purely Persian construction and architecture that can be experienced in Dubai.

Ticket Price

Free for all the people

8. Dubai Future Museum

Dubai Museum is a complete gateway to show how the world will be in the upcoming 50 years. This is not only a tourist place but also gives an idea to the people to think and pre-plan for future problems.

There is everything from storytellers to visionary artists and technologists. Different floors further show different creative things. You can find the future about wellness, climate change, travel and living, health, ecology, and spirituality.

Ticket Price

Adults – 145 AED

Children under the age of 3 – Free

Dubai Future Museum

9. Kite Beach

Enjoy the surfing and lively environment at Kite Beach. It s present on the North side of Umm Suqeim Beach and is a very popular place for kitesurfing. This beach is solely for having amazing water sports. People who don’t know about kitesurfing can also take lessons from the guides. Further, there are other things, including paddle boarding and kayak rental.

There is also a place known as Majlis Ghorfat Um Al-Sheef. It is just 3 km away from the beach. It was the summer residence of late Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum. You can enjoy and see the lifestyle of the Arabs.

Ticket Price


kite beach Dubai

10. Jumeirah Mosque

Take a tour of the Jumeirah Mosque and get an idea of the Islamic way of life. It is one of the most beautiful mosques present in the United Arab Emirates. It was made as the exact copy of Cairo’s Al-Azhar Mosque, which is eight times bigger than the Jumeirah Mosque. The infrastructure that was made gives the vibe of the medieval Fatimid tradition.

It becomes very attractive during the night with all the lights. Except for Fridays, every day, there are detailed tours that happen at 10 AM and 2 PM. These tours include all the information about the Muslim faith.

Ticket Price

35 AED per person

Jumeirah Mosque Dubai

How to travel to these tourist spots?

The best thing about Dubai is the metro and public transport. Metro is spread to almost all the areas of Dubai and goes to most of the popular destinations in Dubai. Even if not, then take a bus from the nearest metro station. There are also Hala Taxis always available that you can take from any bus stop or metro station.

Quick summary of the top 10 places to visit in Dubai

Dubai never disappoints any tourist. People with a limited budget can also have an exciting time on their tour. In the article, you can find the top 10 Dubai tourist places. The ticket price is also mentioned so that you can make a proper plan for your entire tour. One amazing fact is that the ticket to most of these places is free for the people of determination.

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