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Emirates ID Fine Check Online – Guide for UAE Residence 2023

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UAE is very popular when it comes to traffic rules and regulations. It is the best destination for tourists, and people enjoy being in the country as all the people follow the rules and collectively make it a peaceful country. When it comes to driving, in 2015, UAE was ranked first across the globe for having the best quality of roads. Now as the rules are being implemented in a perfect way, that means that there are a lot of fines and rules that all the drivers have to follow; otherwise, they have to face penalties.   There are some Emirates ID fine check that you might have but have no idea about. These fines are not only restricted to driving but apply to all the people who have Emirate ID.

So here is a detailed guide for all the fine checks that you can get and how much you have to pay for each of them.

How to check Emirates ID fine?

In any country, making the roads of the highest quality is surely a great task, but the one that is far more difficult from that task is making the traffic flow the best and ensuring that all the traffic rules are being followed. The rules are not only for the drivers but also for pedestrians and all the people who own Emirates IDs. In UAE, Abu Dhabi is the capital city and all the rules that are present are being followed all across UAE. The fines are all the same, so all the people have to follow them regardless of which emirate of UAE they live in.

Here is how you can check the Abu Dhabi police fine check by Emirates ID:

  • Open the official website of the Abu Dhabi police.
  • You will find multiple options to inquire about a fine.
  • If you want to see the Abu Dhabi police fine on your emirates ID, then select the option of “Inquiry by Emirates ID”
  • Enter your emirates ID
  • Further select one option from the two; “Inquiry by driving license” or “inquiry by vehicle plate” and then enter the number. There is no difference between the results, so enter any number you are suitable with.
  • Fill up the image text code in the available option
  • Click on “submit” and wait for a few seconds to see the results.

Dubai police fine check Emirates ID

If you are in Dubai, then the fines are the same, but you can see your results on the official website of the Dubai police. Just follow these simple steps:

Cars on UAE Road

  • Open the official website of the Dubai police
  • Select the option of services from the home page
  • Click on “Fines and inquiry and payment”
  • You will come across the five-step procedure.
  • In the first step, you have to select the option to look for a fine. There are four options; plate details, license details, T.C No., and Ticket details.
  • Enter the details, and then a new page will appear that will show you all the fines that you might have.

All driving rules and fines in UAE

UAE is entirely a collection of all the people who belong from different cultures, religions, casts, and backgrounds. To keep all the people satisfied and be on a uniform platform, it is necessary to have a set of rules. The very first thing that you need to know is about the black point system in the UAE.

Black point system

All the people in UAE who have a driving license are entitled to the black points system. Any person who gets the penalty for violating the rules gains some black points. Once these points reach 24 within the time span of 12 months, then the person has is charged with the following penalties:

  • When it is the first violation, as per the rules, RTA takes away the license for three months and the individual cannot drive for three months.
  • The second violation causes the driving license to be suspended and seized for 6 months.
  • The third violation results in the license being suspended for the whole year. After one year, the driver has to again take the driving course and again pass the tests for the license.

These rules are only if the person reaches 24 black points in a short time period otherwise there are separate fines for the other violations.

List of Emirates ID fine check

Sometimes it becomes difficult to see the fines as people don’t know how to check Emirates ID fine. The reason is that the rules are divided into subcategories and each of them has different fines, different black points, and consequences.

Here is a list of the violations that you need to be observant about while being in the UAE.

UAE Road

Speed Violations

There are seven different types of speed violations that are presented below:

Violation Fine  Vehicle retention Black traffic points License block 
Every road has its own limit set that is written on the traffic signs. Driving the  car below that minimum speed is a violation 400 AED
When the speed limit exceeds by 80 km/hr 3000 AED 60 days if it is a light vehicle 23
When the speed limit exceeds by 60 km/hr 2000 AED 30 days if it is light vehicle 12
When the speed limit is increased by not more than 50 km/hr 1000 AED
When the speed limit exceeds by not more than 40 km/hr 700  AED
When speed limit exceeds by not more than 30 km/hr 600 AED
When the speed limit exceeds by not more than 20 km/hr 300 AED

Plates violation

It is mandatory to have your license plate on your car; otherwise, you can get penalties. As in UAE, there are a lot of cameras that easily detect the missing number plate, and you will not even know when you get the fine. There are three main violations that come under the section of plate violation.

Violation Fine Vehicle retention Black traffic points License block
If someone drives any vehicle without the number plate 3000 AED Gets blocked for 90 days (light vehicles) 23
If there is just one number plate

If the plate is not clear to read

400 AED
If the number plate has any kind of commercial thing written on it 500 AED 7 days

Jeopardizing road user violations

All the rules that come under this section are the ones that people get fined for the most. These fines are also available on the emirates id fine checking online service. You do have to look out for them anywhere else.

Violation Fine Vehicle retention  Black traffic points  License block
If the driver is driving in a manner which makes his life and the lives of other people to be at risk

If the driver drives in a manner that results in causing any kind of damage to any land or products (either private or public)

2000 AED 60 days (light vehicles) 23
If a driver is driving the heavy vehicle in a manner that makes his life and other people lives to be at risk

If the driver is driving a heavy vehicle in such a manner that can cause casualties towards public or private places

3000 AED Suspended for one year
If there is any accident of the heavy vehicle that results in the overturn of the vehicle 3000 AED Suspended for one year
If the driver is driving after having any kind of influence of Alcohol in their body The court decides the final decision 60 days (light vehicles) 23
If the heavy vehicle breaks the signal 3000 AED Suspended for one year
If the driver is operating the car while being under the influence of drugs or any substance The court decides the final decision 60 days (light vehicles) Suspended for one year
If someone is found to be driving in the opposite direction of the road

If the driver is driving into any prohibited area

600 AED – 1000 AED 7 days (light vehicles) 4 – 8 points
Reversing the car anywhere in a very dangerous way 500 AED 4
Causing death of any person The court decides the final decision 60 days (or until the court makes the final decision) 23
Running away after causing any minor accident such as a small scratch on the car 1000 AED (heavy vehicles)

500 AED (light vehicles)

7 days (light vehicles) 16 (heavy)

8 (light)

Causing any major accident or major injury The court decides final decision 30 days 23
Forming up a crowd at any location of accident 1000 AED
If the rider on the motorcycle and the passenger on motorcycle are not wearing a helmet 500 AED 4
Driving a car at night or in foggy areas without lights 500 AED 4

Violations of heavy traffic and trucks

Heavy traffic is something that is very dangerous as the problems and accidents caused by these vehicles always have major consequences. If you do not have a heavy vehicle, then there is no need to look into the fine inquiry, nor is there any need to look for emirates ID fine checking online service.

Violation  Fine Vehicle retention  Black traffic points License block
Any heavy vehicle that overtakes any other car 1000 AED 4
Driving without lifting the exhaust truck pipe 1500 AED

Violations of the traffic policeman’s instructions

In Dubai there are cameras in a lot of places. Most of the time there is no need for the policeman to be on the road to see the violations as the cameras are enough to do the work. But sometimes you can find them at any location or any corner. They note everything and you can also get a fine for road crossing fine with Emirates ID if you do not follow the rules. If you are a pedestrian, then cross the road from the zebra crossing at the time when the pedestrian light is green.

There are chances that you might have got a fine for crossing the road so you can check the road crossing fine with Emirates id from the Dubai or Abu Dhabi police portals. Let’s look into the violations that are caused with the policeman instructions

Violation Fine Vehicle retention  Black traffic points License block 
If the driver or the individual doesn’t follow the instructions given by the traffic policeman 400 AED 4
If the driver runs away and do not stop after the policeman told him the instruction to stop 800-1000 AED 30 days (light vehicle) 12-16

Driving license violations

In Dubai, the license is gained after a lot of tests and steps as it is very important that the driver only comes on the road after getting the expert level in driving. Not having a license or not carrying it while carrying can result in getting a fine. Take a look at the Emirates ID fine checking online service to confirm that you do not have any past pending fines related to licensing.

Violation Fine Vehicle retention Black traffic points  License block 
Driving in UAE with a license issued by any other country 500 AED 4
Driving without carrying any vehicle registration documents or not carrying the driving license 400 AED

Violations related to wrong parking and overtaking

Emirates ID fine checking online service also shows all the violations that you have done while parking the car. There are chances that you are at home and receive the fine because your car is parked at the wrong place. Look at the list of these fines, and if you don’t have any, then try to follow all these rules and avoid these penalties in the future.

Violation  Fine Vehicle retention Black traffic points  License block 
Overtaking from the road shoulder side 1000 AED 6
Stopping in the middle of the road without having any justified reason to do so 1000 AED 6
Stopping the car at the zebra crossing or parking on the pavements 500 AED and 400 AED

All the above-mentioned rules are the ones that the people are fined the most. These are the rules that have to be followed and if not, then payment has to be made. It is recommended to make the payments on the fine as soon as possible so that it doesn’t line up by the end of the year.

How to pay fine online

Anyhow If you already have received the fine, then here is how you can make the payments. If  you are in Dubai, then go for the option of Dubai police fine check emirates id option. You are in Abu Dhabi, then go for Abu Dhabi police fine check by emirates id. There are five official government websites through which the fine payment can be paid:

  • Abu Dhabi police
  • Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority
  • Ministry of Interior 
  • Dubai Police
  • Dubai Roads and Transport Authority

Just log onto any of these official websites, enter your Emirates ID and see all the details.

Emirates ID fines – a short summary

All the driving fines that you have has to be paid within the time span of 15 days otherwise they start charging for extra fees. The article clearly shows all the rules and policies that people pay the most for in fines. If you take care a little and keep these rules in mind, then there will be no need to keep an eye on the fine inquiry.