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5 Things To Do After A Car Accident In UAE

A Car Accident

Accidents are something that you can be a part of regardless of how much care you do, how perfect of a driver you are, and the frequency of rules you follow. For this reason, you need to learn what to do when you face a car accident in UAE. Here are the five important things that you need to follow as soon as possible after the accident to get the desired help in no time.

1. Notify the accident

After the accident, the first thing you need is to see how to report an accident in Dubai and what details have to be reported. If there is any kind of serious injury to any individual, immediately call 999 for an ambulance. In case you get caught up in an accident, but no harm is done to any person, then you can call 901 for a non-emergency accident. Most minor accidents are reported directly to the police, which can be either done by calling or through the mobile application.

Always keep the application of Dubai police downloaded to save yourself from any inconvenience. To notify the application, select RTA service, enter all the details asked, attach pictures of the accident and send it. This is an easy way as you can easily track the status of the application.

2. Wait for help

It is a human psyche to do something as soon as the accident happens, but all you have to do is call the police if the damage is major and then wait patiently. If the damage is only cosmetic, you are allowed to drive away from the scene; otherwise, you need to wait for a few minutes at the scene. Keep in mind that you would have blocked the traffic but do not try to clear the way by taking any risk. All you need to do at this stage is to be patient.

Here is a list of some emergency contact numbers that you can use and keep safe in your mobile phone numbers.

Emergency Number
Police 999
Ambulance 998
Fire Department 997
Coastguard 996
Electricity 991
Water problem 922

3. Police report

Police report 

Whenever any accident happens, regardless of its seriousness, it needs to be reported to the police. If you have already informed the police through the application, then you will gain the entire report of the accident by SMS within 24 hours of time. This report is considered to be the most important document for all the parties who were involved in the accident. If you do not report the police and don’t have this document, then you can face some serious legal and financial problems. Also, you will not be able to get your car repaired until you have the proper police report.

4. Notify the insurer

The next thing you need to do is make sure that you contact your car insurance company and give them all the details you can. It is important that you tell them that you do have the police report needed, and now they should arrange the collection of the car from a specific location. It depends on the condition of your car. If it is risky to drive it then leave it on the spot of an accident and the insurance company is obliged to pick it up from that location.

5. Follow up on repair and claim process

Once everything is settled, and the insurance company has your car then, the next phase is to keep a follow-up on the process. Keep in mind that the overall process of the repair entirely depends on the extent of damage your car faces. You can ask the duration from the insurance company and can wait until your car is perfect to be functional.


There are chances that your repair takes more time than necessary. Sometimes the spare parts of some cars are not available and have to be shipped. This takes some time, and the insurance company can delay your repair time.

Check car accident history

Cars turn into perfect conditions after the repair and a lot of people often prefer to sell them. If you are planning to buy a car, then you need to know about all the accidents that it faces. Here is how to check car accident history in Dubai.

 car accident history

  • Find your car’s chassis number printed on the side door of the driver’s side on a metal strip.
  • Open the Ministry of Interior website and go to e-services.
  • Select the option of an accident inquiry
  • Enter your chassis number
  • All the details about the accidents of that car will be displayed on the screen.

Overview of all possible actions after the car accident

Accidents can make people perform actions that are not appropriate, such as creating chaos. If you are in the UAE, then you do not have to worry about anything. Try to notify the police and call an ambulance if needed. Once these major steps are completed, then you only have to be patient. Wait until the authorities arrive and take care of the entire situation. The details and police reports will also help you when buying a car. Always look at the entire history of accidents while buying a car.