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Who is The World Best Man?

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As per the national geographic and NASA, Earth is around 4.53 billion years old and there have uncountable generations and people who have lived in this world and are yet to come in the future. Among all those people, individuals at this time often think about who is the world best man that has ever lived. The best person in the world is Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) who is the messenger of God.

Who is the world best man?

In 1978, a white separatist, and an astrophysicist wrote a book titled “The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History”. The entire concept of the book of Hart is to provide the people with a list that shows them who is the best person in the world. Apart from the book written by Hart, there are also multiple authors who work on history and biographies and who made the claim that Muhammad is surely the best man who has ever walked this world.

Shaikh Muhammad also wrote in his official Twitter account that The Prophet Muhammad is the prime example of tolerance, morality, and peace and people need to follow and reflect on all those values that he used to have. He also wrote that Muhammad is the purest of all men.

Why Muhammad is World’s best man?

Muhammad (P.B.U.H) has a personality that not only influenced the Muslims but also has a great impact on the lives of all the people. He was born in Makkah 1400 years ago and till now his personality and teachings play a great role in society. People across the globe get confused about who is the best man in the world and why? So, here are some points that will explain to you why even after 1400 years, Prophet Muhammad is still the best man in the world.

Holy Quran


Prophet Muhammad is the best example when it comes to showing manners. In his entire life, he never swears to any person or anything. He was also the person who never got rude or mad towards any person regardless of the treatment that he used to get in return. This is the most important example that the world has to follow to make the world a better place.

Peace lover

At this time, the world talks about taking revenge and punishing the people for the things that they have done. As for Prophet Muhammad, he used to live with the concept that all people should prefer to resolve situations, forgive the person and make peace. This is an example that is impossible to find even after 1400 years.

Point of view toward animals

Muhammad was the first animal rights activist who started to raise his voice for animals and give them fair treatment. Before him, there was no attention paid to them, and these voiceless beings used to face harsh and inhumane treatment from people. He showed the world how animals deserve the same love, care, and gentleness, just like human beings.

Concerned about orphaned children

In today’s society, orphan children are often the ones that nobody cares about. Even now there are many NGOs and governments that work for them, but Muhammad spoke about them when these children had no one for them. He said that the best house in the eyes of Allah is the one that treats orphans in a good manner.

Attributes That Make Muhammad The Best Man in The World

You will probably be wondering why Muhammad is the best man in the world. The answer to this question is the attributes that He carried throughout his life. He was born in Arab where people were idol worshippers, and all of them were non-believers. They have no regard for living a respectful and mannered life. And Muhammad was the one who taught them how to live their life correctly just according to the orders of Allah.

The reason why you are thinking that who is the world best man is because you are not familiar with the attributes of Muhammad. He has some qualities that make a huge impression on Arab people and convert them completely. Even after the hard times that polytheists of Makkah gave to Him and His family, His appealing and generous nature remains constant. Take a look at the following qualities and attributes that make Muhammad the best man in the world.

Muhammad mosque


People always believed Muhammad because of the honesty that He carried throughout his life. Even the people who did not follow Him can give any kind of guarantee that He was always the one telling the truth. His honesty was the reason why He was known as Al-Sadiq and Al-Amin. It was because of the honesty that people used to give Him their precious things for safekeeping.

The statement of one of Muhammad’s wives is recorded in Tirmidhi, verse number 1973. It states that “The trait and characteristic which the Prophet (s) hated most was lying. A man would tell a lie in the presence of the Prophet (s), and he would hold it against him until he knew that he repented.”

It is even mentioned in the Quran (6:33) “We know indeed that what they say certainly grieves you, but surely they do not call you a liar, but the unjust deny the verses of God.”


One of the biggest traits that will answer the question “who is the world best man?” is Muhammad’s leniency. He never put anyone to any kind of punishment or force in his whole life. No one was focused on following Him and His beliefs. People who came to His ideology just because of the encouragement that they get through his character.

He even prayed for the people that caused him trouble and pain. People of Daws caused so much pain to Him, but He just kept asking for guidance for them from Allah that He should be merciful to them. He never even shouted at anyone in any regard.


The Prophet of Allah, Muhammad, was so humble that people would not be able to even recognize him in the first meeting. This was a common thing back in the day that people always get Him confused with his companions. Even after being the best man in the world, He was a down to earth human being. He did not have any belief in casts or occupations. His belief was to be known as a person who has feared for his creator. He was the Habib of Allah, and even after this, He has a lot of fear regarding Him. It is amazing how the best man in the world was so humble and generous.


The answer to the question “who is the best man in the world” is Muhammad, the Last Prophet of Allah. One of the biggest reasons behind this title is that He was so cooperative. He did not put any pressure on anyone just to make anyone follow Him. The personality that He has never made Him feel like a king who is just there to instruct and guide his devotors on how to do different things.

He was always a person who tended to help His family members with their chores. People usually came to Him for their aggregate obligations and issues, and He was the one helping them always. He even helped his wives in the matters of the house like cleaning and cooking. In short, He was helpful to everyone that was connected to His life.


Allah is the most merciful and gracious. In one of the Quran’s verses, He the only one, stated that the last prophet that he sent (Muhammad), has his qualities. This statement proved that Muhammad has the qualities to be called as merciful. Not just because of the statement, Muhammad showed his merciful characteristics throughout His life. He even asked for forgiveness from Allah, who had made him cry and caused Him pain.

Like for instance, in the battle of Uhad, there was a guy who injured Muhammad. On the other hand, Muhammad prayed that “Oh Allah, forgive my people for they do not know,” without even asking for any revenge.

The mercy of Muhammad is the characteristic that can answer the question, “who is world best man?”. He was one of the most merciful leaders that Islamic history has ever had. Muhammad never caused any harm to His enemies, even when they left no stone unturned just to hurt Him.


In one of Muhammad’s Hadiths, He stated, “Modesty is a part of the teachings of the previous Prophets, and anyone who lacks it is most likely to do whatever he likes.”

This statement shows that Muhammad was one of the most modest people in the world. He did not believe in any kind of indecency imposed on people through using force or energy.

When Muslims were building their mosque in Madina, circumstances were very bad for them. During that construction, Muhammad had bound 2 dried bricks around his stomach just to take control of his appetite. That was because of the hunger that was going on at that time. And amazingly, other people had taken just one brick, but the best man in the world was going with two of them.

He claimed that He was just a man, just like other people. Once a lady grabbed Him by His hand and asked for His help in her work, and He did not refuse even after being the most outstanding leader of Islam. He even said that He could go to paradise after the permission of Allah, not because of what He is.


Muhammad was an ideal person in all aspects of life. Whether we talk about morals or manners to live a life, He was perfect. He was a human being without any flaws. Hazrat Ayesha stated that “The ethics of the Prophet depended on Quran. He was pleased with whatever the Almighty Allah was pleased with and resented whatever the Almighty Allah was unhappy with”.

Even the Quran was proof of how ethical and mannerful Muhammad was. He demonstrated what a person with good habits looks like. The personality that He had was courteous to all adults and children. He did not even offend even a child in His whole life. He was unobtrusive and good to every human being that was around him. The way how he used to eat His food and how He drinks water, to how He sleeps and talks. Everything that was connected to His personality showed that Muhammad was the best man in the world.


Everybody has some flaws in character. Like most people do not know how their statements or doings can have a negative impact on someone’s life. In short, people are reckless and careless in so many ways. However, the reason why the answer is Muhammad to the question, “Who is the world best man?” is that He was a considerate man. He always made efforts for the persons He loved. Even in His dark times, He never forgot about His companions. He was promised to go into heaven, but still, He made all kinds of prayers just to make sure that His people could get that too. He was kind to everyone, whether the person in dealt with was a great king or a small trader.

teaching kids

No interest in wealth

Muhammad was so selfless that He did not care about the wealth in any part of His life. He even gave the things that He had to the people that are in need. Today, no one will ever think about someone else if he is suffering from anything. But Muhammad was the best man in the world because wealth and fame are nothing to Him. He just wants His people to come on the right path and follow Him to their actual creator, which is Allah. Even after being the greatest leader of Islam, He preferred living in a small hut beside the mosque.

His companions said that the stomach of the Prophet was never filled with food. He was so kind that He even gave His part of the food to the ones that asked for it.


Even before Allah declared Him the Last Prophet to the people of Makkah, Muhammad was the most generous man. He always put himself before others and their problems. When He met Allah, the Prayers that were assigned to Muslims were 50. But the prophet knew that these numbers would put His people in hardships, so He asked Allah to have His mercy and lower the number. That is how Muslims now only have to pray 5 times a day. His generosity gives the answer to the question of who is the best man in the world.

When the people of Taif threw stones at Muhammad and His companions, Angel Jibraeel came down and offered to teach them a lesson. But Muhammad refused by saying that “May Allah give them the guidance.”

Respect for Women

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) always gave women the rights that they should have. He was happy with His companions that treat their women well and rewarded them with the respect that they deserved. Regarding women, He had so many hadiths. In Dawud, He stated that “Whoever (brings up) two girls till they come of age, will be in the next world along with me, like my two fingers joining each other.”

He was kind to His wives and treat gave them every right they had. The best man in the world, Muhammad, used to feed His wife, Hazrat Ayesha (R.A). He stated that it is considered to be charity in the path of Allah when you feed your wife with your hand. 

List of the top 10 world’s best man

As per Hart’s book, which is still authentic and followed by all the scholars across the globe, here is the list of the world’s top 10 best men. Even though the book was written a few decades ago, if you want to see who is the best man in the world 2020 then you will see that the list is still the same, no one better than these people has ever been born yet. Take a look at the following list of those great personalities and from where they were.

Names Places
Muhammad Makkah
Isaac Newton  United Kingdom
Jesus of Nazareth Bethlehem
Buddha Lumbini Province, Nepal
Confucius Lu
St. Paul Tarsus, Turkey
Ts’ai Lun Leiyang, Hengyang, China
Johann Gutenberg Mainz, Germany
Christopher Columbus Genoa, Italy
Albert Einstein Ulm, Germany

Muhammad is The Best Man in The World

Till now, a lot of scholars and historians have worked on understanding the personalities of the people and have formed their own lists by keeping their own requirements. In all of these lists, it is shown that Muhammad remained on top of them all.