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Prayer Time Today in Dubai, UAE

Prayer time in Dubai

Today’s prayer time Dubai on 28 September is 4:46 AM for Fajr, 12:18 PM for Dhuhr, 3:44 for Asr, 6:30 for Maghrib, and 7:44 for Isha. Look at the chart below to see Dubai’s namaz time daily.



Islamic Date






1 Thursday 5 Safar 4:40 AM 12:22 PM 3:49 PM 6:41 PM 7:57 PM
2 Friday 6 Safar 4:41 AM 12:21 PM 3:49 PM 6:40 PM 7:56 PM
3 Saturday 7 Safar 4:41 AM 12:21 PM 3:48 PM 6:39 PM 7:55 PM
4 Sunday 8 Safar 4:42 AM 12:21 PM 3:48 PM 6:38 PM 7:54 PM
5 Monday 9 Safar 4:42 AM 12:20 PM 3:47 PM 6:37 PM 7:52 PM
6 Tuesday 10 Safar 4:43 AM 12:20 PM 3:47 PM 6:36 PM 7:51 PM
7 Wednesday 11 Safar 4:43 AM 12:20 PM 3:47 PM 6:35 PM 7:50 PM
8 Thursday 12 Safar 4:44 AM 12:19 PM 3:46 PM 6:34 PM 7:49 PM
9 Friday 13 Safar 4:44 AM 12:19 PM 3:46 PM 6:33 PM 7:48 PM
10 Saturday 14 Safar 4:45 AM 12:19 PM 3:45 PM 6:32 PM 7:47 PM
11 Sunday 15 Safar 4:45 AM 12:18 PM 3:45 PM 6:31 PM 7:45 PM
12 Monday 16 Safar 4:46 AM 12:18 PM 3:44 PM 6:30 PM 7:44 PM
13 Tuesday 17 Safar 4:46 AM 12:18 PM 3:44 PM 6:29 PM 7:43 PM
14 Wednesday 18 Safar 4:47 AM 12:17 PM 3:43 PM 6:28 PM 7:42 PM
15 Thursday 19 Safar 4:47 AM 12:17 PM 3:43 PM 6:27 PM 7:41 PM
16 Friday 20 Safar 4:48 AM 12:17 PM 3:42 PM 6:25 PM 7:40 PM
17 Saturday 21 Safar 4:48 AM 12:16 PM 3:42 PM 6:24 PM 7:38 PM
18 Sunday 22 Safar 4:49 AM 12:16 PM 3:41 PM 6:23 PM 7:37 PM
19 Monday 23 Safar 4:49 AM 12:15 PM 3:41 PM 6:22 PM 7:36 PM
20 Tuesday 24 Safar 4:50 AM 12:15 PM 3:40 PM 6:21 PM 7:35 PM
21 Wednesday 25 Safar 4:50 AM 12:15 PM 3:39 PM 6:20 PM 7:34 PM
22 Thursday 26 Safar 4:50 AM 12:14 PM 3:39 PM 6:19 PM 7:33 PM
23 Friday 27 Safar 4:51 AM 12:14 PM 3:38 PM 6:18 PM 7:32 PM
24 Saturday 28 Safar 4:51 AM 12:14 PM 3:38 PM 6:17 PM 7:30 PM
25 Sunday 29 Safar 4:51 AM 12:13 PM 3:37 PM 6:16 PM 7:29 PM
26 Monday 30 Safar 4:52 AM 12:13 PM 3:36 PM 6:15 PM 7:28 PM
27 Tuesday 1 Rabi Al-Awwal 4:52 AM 12:13 PM 3:36 PM 6:14 PM 7:27 PM
28 Wednesday 2 Rabi Al-Awwal 4:53 AM 12:12 PM 3:35 PM 6:12 PM 7:26 PM
29 Thursday 3 Rabi Al-Awwal 4:53 AM 12:12 PM 3:35 PM 6:11 PM 7:25 PM
30 Friday 4 Rabi Al-Awwal 4:54 AM 12:12 PM 3:34 PM 6:10 PM 7:24 PM

Jumuah Prayer time in Dubai

Jumuah prayer is offered on Fridays with a sermon. The call to prayer is at 12:21, when Muslims gather at a mosque and listen to the sermon before offering the prayer. The prayer can be prayed at home too, but it is preferred to offer this prayer in the mosque, also known as Masjid.

Fajr timing Dubai

Today Fajr namaz time in Dubai is at 4:46 AM. This prayer is offered just before sunrise in the last part of the night.

Zuhr timing Dubai

Today Duhr time Dubai is at 12:18 PM. This prayer is offered at noon.

Asr timing Dubai

In the afternoon, Asr prayer is offered at 3:44 PM. The time of this prayer ends before the sunsets.

Maghrib timing Dubai

Maghrib prayer time today in Dubai is at 6:30 PM. The call to prayer of Maghrib is done just after sunset, between midnight and sunset time.

Isha timing Dubai

This is the last prayer of the day. Isha’s time in Dubai is at 7:44 PM. The best time to offer this prayer is before midnight. This is the time between dawn and shafak.

How many prayers do Muslims offer in a day?

Every Muslim has to offer five prayers in a day while facing the direction of the Qibla. Muslims follows the five pillars of Islam, and Salah (prayer, namaz) is the second pillar. Every prayer is offered while facing Kaaba, which is the Holy place in Mecca.

Where can Muslims pray?

Muslims can pray anywhere that is clean, not only just in a mosque. They can pray on the land, roadside, or any place as long as it is clean. In Dubai, all the malls have a separate areas for men’s and women’s prayer. Also, most of the business towers have a prayer area for all the people who work in the building.

Can Non-muslims visit Mosque in Dubai?

Non-muslims can visit a lot of Mosques in Dubai. Jumeirah Mosque Dubai is popular for non-muslims who want to take a proper look at the mosque along with a guide. Daily from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, the visitors can visit the mosque, except for Fridays because of the Jummah Dubai namaz time.

Jumeirah mosque

There is a dress code that visitors have to follow. The main purpose of the dress code is to wear something that covers the body. Men who visit the mosque wearing shorts are offered Kandoora (Emirati national dress) so that they can wear that to enter the mosque. For women, there are abayas offered that they can wear for the entire Mosque visit.

What is the meaning of Azaan?

There is a call for prayer that is known as Adhaan or Azaan. That prayer is to call the Muslims to come for prayer. Following is the full call to prayer, along with its meaning.

  • Allah is Great (Allahu Akbar)
  • I bear witness that there is no God except the One God (Ashhadu an la ilaha illallah)
  • I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of God (Ashadu anna Muhammadar Rasool Allah)
  • Hurry to the prayer (Hayya’ ala-s-Salah)
  • Hurry to success (Hayya’ ala-l-Falah)
  • Prayer is better than sleep (Assalatu khairum-minan-naum)
  • God is Great (Allahu Akbar)
  • There is no God except the One God (La ilaha illallah)

How to perform Wudhu?

Wudhu is necessary for every Muslim before they offer prayer. The following steps have to be followed in sequence.

  • Clear up the mind with all the thoughts and make the intention of doing wudhu. Recite “Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim”.
  • Wash your right hand with your left hand three times. Wash your left hand with your right hand three times.
  • Rinse your mouth and then your nose three times.
  • Wash your entire face with water. In case you have a beard, then run your fingers through it while washing the face.
  • Wash your arms to the elbow three times. Do not leave any dry parts out.
  • Wet your hands and then gently wipe them on your entire head. From the forehead to the back of the head.
  • Use your pinky finger to wipe the ears inside out. Use your thumb to clean the backside of the ear.
  • Wash both feet three times. Use your little finger to rub between the toes.

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