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How to Play Padel Like a Pro in Indoor Padel Courts in Dubai

Indoor Padel Court

Padel is a racket sport that has attributes of both tennis and squash. It is a popular game in more than 90 countries, including Spain, Mexico, Argentina, and the United Kingdom. There are multiple indoor padel courts in Dubai, UAE, where you can play this game and have fun. Learning this addictive sport is very easy as it has simple and straightforward rules. With accurate timing, proper analysis, and a strong grip, you can easily play like a pro.

Tips To Become a Professional Player in Padel

When you visit Dubai and want to play padel like a pro, you must learn the right techniques to perform well. There are various aspects of this game that you need to understand before playing. It is not just about choosing the right padel racket. So, are you ready to get some incredible tips on becoming a professional padel player?

A Professional Player in Padel

  • Work on Your Swing
  • Preparing Racket While Being in Defense
  • Right Position of the Racket
  • Pressurize the Defender
  • Playing the Bandeja Accurately
  • Opponent Analysis is Important
  • Picking the Right Position While Being on the Net

Work on Your Swing

Playing straight balls will help the opponent to understand the tracks of your shots. That is why you need to learn how you can make the ball swing with your racket. Try practicing it without using the ball. This will help you to feel the racket correctly and make your grip accurate.

Preparing Racket While Being in Defense

Whenever you play in any of the padel courts in Dubai, you need to get in a perfect position before the ball makes contact with the wall of the court or ground. Open the racket and make a low stance. Your hand should be aligned to the pocket of your trouser. This pose will help you in adjusting steps and defend properly. Staying away from this course will cost you time.

Right Position of the Racket

Keep your racket at the same height as the ball that is coming to your court. Do not just wait for the ball and then make your stance. Because if the opponent throws a swing shot, it will be hard for you to position your racket quickly. If the ball is higher, keep the racket higher and vice versa.

Pressurize the Defender

Take the net position by keeping the volley low to pressure the opponent in a defensive stance. The closer you are to the net, the greater the chance for you to finish the game. Though, playing near the net is not easy. You need to be quick and defensive at the same time. Plus, you have to anticipate where the opponent will throw the ball before it happens.

Playing the Bandeja Accurately

Bandeja is a kind of shot that you play in padel to counter the lobs of the opponent when you are near the net. To make this shot work, play slower to keep the ball lower. In this case, even if the player hits your shot, you will get the time to rearrange your position. Use less power and after every shot, go to the net instantly for recovery. In case you are away from the net, play the Bandeja in the middle.

If you want Bandeja to work properly, play the ball towards the body of the opponent. This will make him move and be unbalanced. Playing shots to the body will create space that you can use to make the final move.

Opponent Analysis is Important

Analyze the shots and moving course of your opponent carefully. Change the rhythms of your shots continuously to understand how your opponent is facing different balls. Understanding the opposition will help you in working correctly in creating variations in his angles and speed.

Picking the Right Position While Being on the Net

Change your position according to the shots of the opponent. If he plays cross, go cross. Also, focus on the directions of the ball. Move to the course where you are playing the ball. The correct position will help you in making the opponent move between the corner and middle so you will have more chance to catch him unbalanced. Just like Kendall Osbourne has stated that “You should never drive the ball with the intention of ending the point. Use the drive only to set yourself up for a better opportunity.

Mistakes To Avoid While Playing Padel

It is not just about learning techniques and tricks that can improve your padel game. You need to avoid some specific mistakes in order to become a pro.

While Playing Padel

  • Do not step on the service line at the time of the service. Your service will be considered as failed if you put a step on this line while making it.
  • Another common mistake is using the wrist or arm while serving. This mistake can cause tension in the body that will disturb your stance.
  • Avoid hitting the ball above the waist while doing the service, as it will not count as a service in any of the padel courts in Dubai, UAE.

With the tips mentioned above, your gameplay will surely be more effective and consistent. All you need to do is to remain relaxed and focused on the ball and the opponent.

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